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Pressure vessel design & pressure vessel drafting


Our scope of service:
We provide full range of services for design (mechanical) and drafting of various types of pressure vessels, storage tanks, process tanks and mixing tanks used in various industries such as oil & gas, food, beverage, brewery & general industries. Most of our clients are located around Klang Valley. Click here to download sample tanks and pressure vessels drawings.

Our strength: We believe we are the only engineers in Klang Valley that can provide proper stainless steel tanks design for food-related industries which includes mixing tank with agitators, jacketed tank with cavity plates etc. The design of food-grade stainless steel tanks requires the knowledge of various food processing practice and components, such as gear-motor agitator, mechanical seal, product mixing, air ventilation, jacketed tank heat transfer, surface finishing, cleaning with CIP and other sanitary consideration for fabricating stainless steel tanks. We can also calculate theoretical tank partial volume for both vertical and horizontal tanks with flat or dished end, thus eliminates manual volumetric tank calibration.

Our code knowledge:  Pressure vessels construction code such as ASME VIII DIV I, TEMA, PD5500, API 650, API 620, AS1210, MS830, UL 58, UL 147 etc as well as local authority DOSH requirements.

Our experience:

Working experience since 1995 :
  • I have been worked in 3 major pressure vessel and tank fabricators in Klang Valley
  • started as design engineer and last posting was Engineering Manager to supervise all aspects of design and engineering activities (design calculations and drawings), staff management, interface between workshop, customers, local authority and third party
  • Projects undertaken in oil & gas industries:
    • 4 nos. of columns with the largest being 4200mm dia.x31,650mmS/L EDC Column for Japan Steel Works, Japan
    • 30 nos. of pressure vessel of various size for Daelim Engineering, Korea
    • 40 nos. of shell and tube heat exchangers of various design for Niigata Engineering, Japan
    • 60 nos. of vessel and drum of various design for Hyundai Engineering, Korea
    • 23,000 dia.x20,000mmS/L API650 storage tank for Shell MDS, Bintulu
    • LPG storage tank (above or underground) of various capacity (1KL to 30KL)
    • 235m3 CO2 storage tank, 18.2m3 liquefied CO2 road tanker
    • cladded vessels and air receivers for offshore platform etc.
  • Projects undertaken in food/beverage/brewery/pharmaceutical industries:
    • 9 units of SS fermentation tank of various size/design with the largest being 5000 dia.x15,000mmH for brewery plant
    • 6 units of SS bright beer tank of various size for brewery plant
    • more than 10 units of milk culture tanks for dairy plant
    • 25MT, 50MT and 100MT oil storage tank for Kerry Ingredients, Johor
    • 18m3 and 20m3 milk road tankers
    • more than 6 units of SS316L horizontal storage tank for pharmaceutical plants
    • more than 200 units of stainless steel storage/mixing/process tanks of various size/design/client with agitator, cooling/heating jacket, CIP, air vent etc.
  • Projects undertaken in general/other industries:
    • more than 100 units of pressure vessel of various size/design/client some being approved by local authority and 3rd parties
    • underground tank mechanical design for environmental control
    • huge silo and bins design for bulk material processing
    • de-aerator and steriliser design for palm oil mill
    • filter tanks mechanical design for waste water treatment plant
    • etc. etc.
Present business :
  • to provide contract/freelance support in all engineering/design/tender aspect of tanks/pressure vessels under Wech Engineering Services
  • current clients range from oil and gas, general to food/pharmaceutical tank/vessel fabricators around Klang Valley.


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Last updated on: 09 May 2011