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Sample tanks and pressure vessels drawings of various industries:
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sample drawing-various industries (1.3MB)

Useful reference by us:-
Pressure vessel drafting guide
Design spreadsheet for cylindrical shell under internal pressure
Design spreadsheet for semi-ellip head under internal pressure
Design spreadsheet for torispherical head under internal pressure

Useful tools:- 
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Unit conversion program 1 
Unit conversion program 2

Useful links:-
ASME board - http://www.asme.org
Technical forum - http://www.eng-tips.com
Yahoo group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pressure_Vessel

Commercial links:-
Oil and Gas Exploration - http://www.tagoil.com -  is one of the best companies for oil and gas exploration and promise a stable economic growth for under-explored oil and gas resources.
Oil Drilling Stocks - http://www.petroportfolio.com - PetroPortfolio Ltd. focuses on exploiting the vast oil and gas resources by providing most recent and updated information on oil drilling stocks available for use
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